Weekly reviews…

What is your personal Key Performance Index (KPI)?

I was updating my work project progress and looking into the checklist to make sure that I don’t missed out on my deliverable time (thank goodness for trello.com)  when I realized that I did not set a personal KPI for my task at home.

Its no wonder I get stressed out sometimes when I see a pile of laundry or the trash has not been put up. OR that I have overspent my shopping money 3 weeks before the next payday! I put a side money for shopping, utilities, investments/savings and normal expenditure every month, but since I don’t track my activities closely, sometimes I might get overboard when it comes to shopping 😥 –

The worst part I would only realize this when it comes to the end of the month review, baru lah nak puasa & makan nasi bungkus huhuhu…

Planning to set up a GEMBA board to track my monthly activities especially on finance so that I can reach my goal of relieving myself from DEBT by 2017! I’m half way through but as I was reminded by my Ustazah today, the biggest challenge that Allah set upon us is not really poverty, but wealth. We tend to forget Allah and our goals when we have extra money huhuhu….

Currently I put my record in this planner given by Pusat Zakat Pulau Pinang which helps a bit. The only minus point is that I sometimes forget to open the book and record my expenditure in it at night. I seriously need a cure for laziness 😦

planner 2016

And instead of monthly reviews, I’ve put on a reminder and set my mind to conduct at least on weekly basis if not daily. Monthly reviews are only for big items.

May Allah grant me ease and strength!



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