Out and about…

This is a late and long post.

1st February : Hari Wilayah

I was so excited to spend yet another day at home after the weekend lazing around with darling husband when he told me that he had to work on that day. *crack* was the sound of my heart.

So I had to decide whether to continue the plan of lazing around solo or make the best of it by catching up with friends and potential business partners.

I’m glad I chose the latter, it was such a productive and happy day.

I spend the morning meeting a business mentor.

I’ve been looking forward to start earning extra income since a few years back.

Mr. Warrent Buffett famous quote below always linger at the back of my head…

Warren Buffet Quotes 2

10 years ago I started an online service doing Business and Performance Report write up to small enterprises, new entrepreneur and students. But as work demand increases, I stopped the business and focus on work.

I have been contemplating to join this new venture for quite a while because I’ve always liked the hard way of doing business rather than the networking way, but this new venture gave me the opportunity to do both plus if I work hard enough, I can earn passive income from the business in a few years.

To start with this new business, we must first learn how it works and whether it works for us.

To avoid being dragged into unwanted ventures, I decided that we meet on neutral ground – NU Sentral – Easy to access with loads of nice place to hang out and chat.


FullSizeRender (1)
Nasi Lemak Kopi O at TOAST BOX to start the day


The session and the food was very enrinching 🙂 I see myself able to commit to it somehow.

After 3 hours session with the business mentor and feeling happier when the burden of doubt was lifted, I set off to meet my 2 good friends whom I’ve not met for a year!

One of them was laid off from work recently so we started talking about other business ventures and providing service based business to gather quick cash and contacts. I just need to find the right time to kick start this. Hopefully it can be achieve before the end of the month!

We had lunch at the Dolly Dim Sum since the Chinese New Year is just around the corner and we like to capture the spirit.

FullSizeRender (2)

I regret not snapping the picture of the scrumptious dimsum we had. This is definitely a must visit again restaurant.

To burn up the loads of dimsum we had, we took a walk window shopping and actual shopping huhuhu… I just realize that when going out with this bunch, the tendency for me to spend and find new things I “need” to buy increase tremendously. We must definitely start our business plan to support this hobby!

To be continued…




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