So much for writing every day…

OMG – I can’t believe that I could not even commit to writing here everyday.

I’ve got so many projects on my plates right now that some of them has been piling up in the to-do list like forever!

Here are some of the pending task:

Work List from my page:

  1. 2016 Project Structure & Governance (60% completed)
  2. Data submission (90% complete from original request and 50% complete from new requirements)
  3. Data analysis & write up (since the data kept expanding/changing – my analysis is also mostly pending *sigh*)

Pending task from home:

  1. Closet clean up (need more closet space!)
  2. Solat & ironing room new setup (this is a mess!)
  3. Kitchen Organization – Done!
  4. Mini library & hobby room project (sorting is half way through, but I may need to wait until April to purchase some new stuff to fully organized the room.
  5. Book family trip to Korea (almost complete)
  6. Finish painting.

My Debt-Free by 2018 Projects (D2018):

  1. (Project D2018-B) Look for stocks to sell – I have set a date
  2. (Project D2018-B) Set up an IG/FB/Website for online shop – name have been chosen
  3. (Project D2018-A) Get % sales target before August 2016 – on track for February
  4. (Project D2018-b) Get feedbacks and test market segment chosed

At the moment, I’m trying to finish up this book:

Do the Work 2

It’s a quick read, got it last Saturday and am already more than half way through. A good read to boost productivity and achieve something.

I honestly hope I can achieve at least 80% of what is targeted this year.

Can’t wait for my quiet week of March to come. For now, I have to log off for a meeting.

May Allah light my way and ease my journey.


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