A year older, and wiser?

I celebrated my 34th birthday a few days ago.

Wanted to write down the eventful day but unfortunately I came down with fever and am still recovering from it.




I learned that with age:

  1. I am much calmer these days and less eager to take on an argument even thought I know I’m right! I am not known to stand down during a fight.
  2. I am also better at ignoring negative comments and not taking anything to heart. My heart is too precious to let anything hurt it.
  3. I am more careful with my expenditure and more content with just spending time at home instead of the mall/beach/events.

Age does makes you wiser! (if you let it)

I watched The Little Prince yesterday, and it reminds me that we sometime get too caught up with the day to day routine and the rat race to achieve some physical things in life that we forget to feed the inner child in us which makes us feel alive most of the time.

Don’t forget to live your life!






I’ve been blogging since 2000, but that hobby has been “on-hold” for the last couple of years.

I love blogging – it helps keep my mind moving while at the same time helped to sort my memories and thoughts better. I’ve also made some new friends along the way…

Since I like to keep the most of my life a secret, I find blogging anonymously lets me write my mind more freely.

Everytime I move into a new phase in life, I usually change my blogging platform. This helps me start over without having to worry the past stories to resurfaced *hopefully* and without having to commit to the old style of writing.

The problem with starting over, is to get started!

I often contemplate on what and how to write, the ideas kept coming all at the wrong time and I kept doubting myself.

Today, I’ve learnt a new secret…Wordpress helps you generate the ideas through daily prompts. I wished I had found it sooner. Its a good place to kick start my blog again.

Maybe everyday is a far fetch goal for me right now, but I do hope to write more in here.