I’ve been blogging since 2000, but that hobby has been “on-hold” for the last couple of years.

I love blogging – it helps keep my mind moving while at the same time helped to sort my memories and thoughts better. I’ve also made some new friends along the way…

Since I like to keep the most of my life a secret, I find blogging anonymously lets me write my mind more freely.

Everytime I move into a new phase in life, I usually change my blogging platform. This helps me start over without having to worry the past stories to resurfaced *hopefully* and without having to commit to the old style of writing.

The problem with starting over, is to get started!

I often contemplate on what and how to write, the ideas kept coming all at the wrong time and I kept doubting myself.

Today, I’ve learnt a new secret…Wordpress helps you generate the ideas through daily prompts. I wished I had found it sooner. Its a good place to kick start my blog again.

Maybe everyday is a far fetch goal for me right now, but I do hope to write more in here.


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