Finally, I have some me time 🙂

Have been busy surrounding myself with people and project write ups that I was not able to write in here.

So many ideas have come to mind since the last time I wrote and god knows how many time have I open the site and did not get to push the new post button before I get call upon or had to do other chores.

I even had to skip my lunch date with my girlfriends on 1st April due to the urgent request to submit a proposal paper for the Management.

Part of it was my fault I guess, I should have been able to anticipate the requests and at least not procrastinate the necessary analysis required for the proposal. I was too overwhelmed with data that I to digest that I decide to put it at the back of my head until it was force to come out.

Anyway, April is also a busy month as I need to complete a ton of stuff before the Europe trip. Can’t wait to enjoy exploring London, Amsterdam and Paris, and scratch Europe off my bucket list 🙂