Staying connected…

I’m staring at my laptop trying to come up with words to produce my long due report and yet nothing comes to mind.

It should not have been that hard since part of the report is based on factual data, all I need to do is connect it with one another and boom – the words should be filling up on its own.

And yet…

Here I am, writing a post here instead. The daily prompt totally summarized the verb that I need to be doing today – staying connected.

My brains runs multiple thinking at times and getting it to focus is a real challenge. Even the slightest text message or noise can splatter all the ideas away. But once it gets connected, I can say that it delivers a pretty awesome job.

p/s: I think I should be disconnected with the internet to get things done – ciao~


Welcoming Ramadhan al-Kareem~

Picture Googled

This year I made a simple goal for Ramadhan.

  • Make sure that Mr. Hubs and me pray Fajr together or at the Mosque.
  • Healthy food intake.
  • Recite Quran everyday.
  • and be happy 🙂

It’s not that we’re not happy any other month, but sometimes in Ramadhan…I tend to set impossible goals and stressed out over it.

May Allah ease our journey and have a blessed Ramadhan~


Post Holiday Rants ^.^

I took a day off to rest from work. I cannot believe that I have jetlag eventhough I’ve taken precaution by staying hydrated, sleeping in the flight (soundly, and hopefully not snoringly) and adjusted my sleep schedule a few days before the flight back.

Had a very interesting exploration of Europe’s in the 10 days 9 nights trip. Managed to experience England (Brighton, Wiltshire, London, Berkshire and Bicester), took the ferry from Dover to Calais, France and drove straight to Netherland (Amsterdam & Zaanse Schans), took a quick tour in Belgium (bought some delicious Belgium Chocolate, and visited the City Mosque) and finally back to France to visit the city of love Paris 🙂

Met some new interesting characters in the trip and hopefully made friends with them.

I was hoping to be able to scratch Europe of my bucket list, but honestly, this trip only makes me want to go back to Europe and do the things we missed.

Although the trip was great and could’ve have more room for improvements, travelling with my family can be a challenging factor for me as even in day to day basis, we don’t really understand each other. Some actions taken by each party may be resented by the others – hence creating some tension in the trip. I tried to suppressed the anger and frustration, but somehow it may have blown up towards Mr. Hubs on our final day there and created more tension to the trip. But like most of our fight, we usually reconcile 30 minutes after. The audience of the drama may not understand the whole situation, hopefully no actual damage is done.


My brother had the same feeling about the trip and he suggested that this may be the last family trip that he will ever join again. That broke my heart! I do hope he will grow out of it some day and came to realized that although we may not always think alike all the time, love and respect should thrive above all else.

My dad paid for my flight tickets for this trip, and it could not have happen without them and I am totally grateful for that. I love my parents, and I do care of their well being… but they drive me crazy sometimes.

I do hope my parents realized it too. Being a parent doesn’t mean that you are always right – you too should show the love and respect that you request from your kids. Especially when they are adults.

Holidays are meant to bring people closer by spending precious time with each other, but this Europe trip – as fun as it may be, may have broken off the family even further.

I do hope that time will heal and we will someday look forward again to a nice family vacation together 🙂